Sunbeams project

 - is a creative project inspire by the Balkan traditions and Mediterranean Sun. Amalgamation  of culture created from both countries merged together 
Space-  The  Splendid,Valletta,Malta
Photos by Vangel  Pandeliev
Music  By   Fabrizio Parizi,MiYan,Belonoga


Event organised by  Artistsyouknighted -Malta

Organised by The Comedy Knights & FTZ Comm

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Re imagine is a folk art brand. Balkan traditional motif by bringing it into a contemporary urban setting which addressed the young public. The main mean of transmitting our message through graphic design.

ONCE UPON A TIME  is a  youth story telling project brand. 

Creativity, art and communication-by creating a Fairy tale story. Art, because we believe, that creating Fairy Tale story and with a show is a real art. We truly believe that creative young people are the best leaders