Sunbeams project

 - is a creative project inspire by the Balkan traditions and Mediterranean Sun. Amalgamation  of culture created from both countries merged together 
Space-  The  Splendid,Valletta,Malta
Photos by Vangel  Pandeliev
Music  By   Fabrizio Parizi,MiYan,Belonoga


Event organised by  Artistsyouknighted -Malta

Organised by The Comedy Knights & FTZ Comm

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Re imagine is a folk art brand. Balkan traditional motif by bringing it into a contemporary urban setting which addressed the young public. The main mean of transmitting our message through graphic design.

ONCE UPON A TIME  is a  youth story telling project brand. 

Creativity, art and communication-by creating a Fairy tale story. Art, because we believe, that creating Fairy Tale story and with a show is a real art. We truly believe that creative young people are the best leaders 

Lost In Balkans

'Lost in Balkans' came from an artist in residence collaboration between the Splendid Cultural Incubator from Malta and BIZkoshnica and the exhibition will show a series of mix media works of ethno style with the theme of the Balkans and love that Petia created during the challenging last year. / 

‘As a Mediterranean based Balkan artist, I was inspired and drawn by the parallels and dichotomy of my two identities through visual art. Cultural heritage carries an intrinsic universal value, that embraces tradition yet evolves when engaging with it.

Lost in Balkans journeys my dual identity through the symbioses of tradition, heritage and contemporary art.’ In the hope that you will be able to attend this event and magnify the opening of the exhibition, we would like to thank and looking forward to it!